New things in life

We all have that one moment in life where we want to do something new. Mine is going to be an online business I hope it goes well for me.

If anyone has any ideas on what would sell great online, please drop me a comment.

If you have something new you want to do or try leave me a comment, would love to hear what everyone is thinking.

Thank you for reading my post, I really appreciate it, if you have an idea on something you want me to write about, just let me know.



Change, good or bad, yesterday we said good-bye to my daughter and grandchildren as they started they’re new life and made me think is change a good?

I have many blog sites, and think I am going to say farewell to some of them.  I will keep the ones that people visit and say farewell to the ones people do not.

Good evening

I hope everyone is having a wonderful evening.  it is beautiful in Montana this evening.   Tonight is Saturday night and I just wanted to remind everyone to be safe and if you are going to drink get a designated driver and please DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.