Here is a poem my sister wrote for me, I think it is a beautiful poem, thank you sister

Sisters are most important for a girl to have in her life. A sister is there thru thick and thin. For my sister is always there when I need her most. My sister is there even just to talk too. For I could not imagine my life without my SISTERS. They always always have my back, heart, and soul in their heart’s to protect and love forever. For I am VERY, very, thankful and greatful to have my SISTERS in my life. I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND MORE. I THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. 💜

Tina H.


Hats For the homeless

This is my second annual Hats For The Homeless campaign. I start a campaign on GoFundMe to buy yarn to make hats, so I can donate them to an organization close to where I live. Then the organization distributes them to the homeless men, women and children that are in desperate need of them to stay warm. I’d you wood like to help please follow the link below. If you would like to donate hats, mittens and gloves please send them to PO Box 485 Kalispell MT 59903

Thank You


New things in life

We all have that one moment in life where we want to do something new. Mine is going to be an online business I hope it goes well for me.

If anyone has any ideas on what would sell great online, please drop me a comment.

If you have something new you want to do or try leave me a comment, would love to hear what everyone is thinking.

Thank you for reading my post, I really appreciate it, if you have an idea on something you want me to write about, just let me know.